The dates for the 2019 Washington Beer Awards are:

March 1st - March 31st: Online Registration is Open
April 5th-14th: Entry Confirmation: Breweries will receive email confirmation of their entries
April 15th: Invoices for Entry Fees and Bottle Labels will be mailed to participating breweries
May 3rd - May 17th: Entry drop-off/mailing window
May 17th: Entry Fees Due
June 1st: Blind Judging
June 15th: Awards Ceremony - Washington Brewers Festival, Redmond, WA (time will be announced to brewers)


2019 Fresh Hop Competition Dates

September 1st - 10th: Online Registration Open
September 12th: Invoices sent to breweries
September 15th-18th: Bottle labels sent to breweries
September 21st-28th: Entry Drop Window
October 5th: Blind Judging
Week of October 12th: Awards Announcement