2023 Winners

On behalf of Specialty Competitions LLC, the Washington Beer Commission and the Washington Brewers Guild, we are proud to announce the winners of the tenth annual Washington Beer Awards®.  1,276 beers were entered in the competition by 175 Washington breweries.  All of the beers submitted must have been both brewed and made commercially available in the state of Washington.  The entries were evaluated in a blind format using the Brewers Association Style Guidelines by panels of trained beer judges who awarded Gold, Silver, and Bronze placements for each category grouping.

(You can download a PDF version of the winners list here).


WABA Award

  Complete Results:


Light German-Style Lagers:

Gold: Seapine Brewing Company - Helles

Silver: Chuckanut Brewery - Chuckanut Helles

Bronze: Ladd & Lass Brewing - Hella Bier


German-Style Pilsners:

Gold: Sound 2 Summit Brewing - Day Sailor Pils

Silver: E9 Brewing Co - T-Dome Pilsner

Bronze: Fremont Brewing Company - Golden Pilsner


German-Style Oktoberfests/Wiesns:

Gold: Brick West Brewing Co - Brick West Festbier

Silver: Kulshan Brewing Co. - K2 - Oktoberfest

Bronze: Grains Of Wrath Brewing - Gerstenwolf Fest Bier


German-Style Maerzens:

Gold: Dru Bru - Festbier

Silver: Trap Door Brewing - Austrian Powers

Bronze: Echoes Brewing Company  - Oktoberfest


German-Style Schwarzbiers:

Gold: Bellevue Brewing Co. - Bellevue Brewing Schwarzbier

Silver: Whistle Punk Brewing - Schwarzbier

Bronze: Cloudburst Brewing - No Mistakes


Other European Amber & Dark Beers:

Gold: Chuckanut Brewery - Chuckanut Dunkel

Silver: Bainbridge Brewing - Arrow Point Amber

Bronze: San Juan Island Brewing Co. - The Late Boat


Bohemian-Style Pilsners:

Gold: San Juan Island Brewing Co. - San Juan Pilsner

Silver: Silver City Brewery - Silver City Pils

Bronze: Stemma Brewing Company - Stemma PIls


Vienna-Style Lagers:

Gold: Lucky Envelope Brewing - Vienna Lager

Silver: Whistle Punk Brewing - Vienna Lager

Bronze: Remlinger Brewing - Red Logger


American-Style Light Lagers:

Gold: Seapine Brewing Company - Light Lager

Silver: Lucky Envelope Brewing - American Lager

Bronze: Lumberbeard Brewing - Lumber Light


American-Style Lagers:

Gold: Western Red Brewing - Little Tugger Lager

Silver: Kulshan Brewing Co. - K2 - Premium Lager

Bronze: Blewett Brewing - Standard American Lager


Contemporary American-Style Lager:

Gold: Kulshan Brewing Co. - Sunnyland - Fiamma Frosty

Silver: Bellevue Brewing Co. - Uno Mas Mexican Lager

Bronze: Stoup Brewing – Cervecita


American-Style Pilsners:

Gold: Everybody's Brewing - Co-Pilot

Silver: Lake Chelan Brewery  - Big Bay Pilsner

Bronze: In The Shadow Brewing - ITS Pilsner


Contemporary American-Style Pilsners:

Gold: Wet Coast Brewing Co. - The Ocho

Silver: Georgetown Brewing Co - Roger's

Bronze: Icicle Brewing Company - New Zealand Pilsner


American-Style India Pale Lagers:

Gold: Boundary Bay Brewing Co. - India Pale Lager

Silver: Fortside Brewing Co. - Blue Mountains

Bronze: Varietal Beer Company – Inflorescence


Other American-Style Lagers:

Gold: Stones Throw Brewery - Fest Bier

Silver: Lucky Envelope Brewing - Yinz Jawn Pennsylvania Lager

Bronze: Lowercase Brewing - Fairstate Collab American Dark Lager


Australasian, Latin American or Tropical-Style Light Lagers:

Gold: El Suenito Brewing Company - Alebrijes Mexican Lager

Silver: Wander Brewing - See You Tomorrow

Bronze: Everybody's Brewing - Mexican Lager


International-Style Pilseners:

Gold: Icicle Brewing Company - Premium Pilsner

Silver: Kulshan Brewing Co. - K2 - Kulshan Especial

Bronze: Wheelie Pop Brewing - Mahna Mana Japanese Lager


Strong Lagers:

Gold: Victor 23 Craft Brewery - Super Cooper

Silver: Wander Brewing - Heller Bock

Bronze: Figurehead Brewing Company - St. Charlie


Kellerbiers or Zwickelbiers:

Gold: Formula Brewing - Chasing Trains

Silver: Airways Brewing - Biergarten Kellerbier

Bronze: Haas Innovations Brewing LLC. - Haas Zwickelbier


German-Style Kölsches:

Gold: Chuckanut Brewery - Chuckanut Kolsch

Silver: Dru Bru - Kolsch

Bronze: Resonate Brewery - Gold Digger


German-Style Wheat Beers:

Gold: Silver City Brewery - Bavarian Hefeweizen

Silver: Grains Of Wrath Brewing - Weizenheimer

Bronze: Scuttlebutt Brewing Company - Bridging The Trestle


Rye and American Wheat Beers:

Gold: Perihelion Brewery - Daedalus

Silver: Postdoc Brewing - Sickle In Hand

Bronze: Barrel Mountain Brewing - Be Happy


Golden, Blonde & Cream Ales:

Gold: Reuben's Brews - The Taproom - Golden Gardens

Silver: Port Townsend Brewing Co. - Chet's Gold

Bronze: Chuckanut Brewery - Chuckanut Golden


English-Style Bitters:

Gold: Elysian Brewing - The Wise

Silver: Big Block Brewing - Special Bitter

Bronze: Figurehead Brewing Company - Fort Lawton Ale


English Ales:

Gold: Old Stove Brewing Company - Blitz-Fire Brown

Silver: Audacity Brewing - The Castle And Ship

Bronze: Audacity Brewing - Thames At Night


Irish-Style Red Ales:

Gold: Silver City Brewery - Ridgetop Red

Silver: Western Red Brewing - Mainline Red

Bronze: Loowit Brewing Company - Two-Sixteen Red Ale


Scottish Ales:

Gold: Remlinger Brewing - Grounds Keeper Willie

Silver: Bron Yr Aur Brewing Co - Bonnie Doon Scottish Ale

Bronze: In The Shadow Brewing - Welle Wee Heavy


Scotch Ales or Wee Heavies:

Gold: Sound 2 Summit Brewing - Sail Away Scotch Ale

Silver: Moment Brewing - Wee Heavy

Bronze: TT's Brewery And BBQ - So-Val Smoked Scotch


International & Australasian Ales:

Gold: Grains Of Wrath Brewing - Ripsaw IPA

Silver: Formula Brewing - Who Said That

Bronze: The Pike Brewing Company – Waterfront


British & American Strong Ales:

Gold: Reuben's Brews - Three Ryes Men

Silver: White Bluffs Brewing - Vintage 2020

Bronze: Silver City Brewery - Old Scrooge


Brown Porters:

Gold: Big Time Brewery - Coal Creek

Silver: Ram Restaurant & Brewery - Disorder Porter

Bronze: San Juan Island Brewing Co. - Black Boar Porter


Robust Porters:

Gold: Georgetown Brewing Co - 9 Pound Porter

Silver: Reuben's Brews - Robust Porter

Bronze: Port Townsend Brewing Co. - Port Townsend Porter


American-Style Stout:

Gold: Uprise Brewing Co - Stout

Silver: Top Rung Brewing Company - My Dog Scout Stout

Bronze: Flying Lion Brewing - Rye Stout


British Stouts:

Gold: Cairn Brewing - Thor's Hammer

Silver: Rooftop Brewing Company - Tank Ride Imperial Stout

Bronze: Wheelie Pop Brewing - Powerslide Oatmeal Stout


Irish Stouts:

Gold: Barley POP! Brewing  - Friendship Nugget

Silver: Wenatchee Valley Brewing Company - Trout Stout

Bronze: Wander Brewing – Correspondent


American-Style Imperial Porters & Imperial Stouts:

Gold: Loowit Brewing Company - Shimmergloom

Silver: Bent Bine Brew Co. - Peaceable Porter

Bronze: Fremont Brewing Company - Dark Star


American-Style Pale Ales:

Gold: Grains Of Wrath Brewing - Papermaker Pale

Silver: E9 Brewing Co - Don Of Time

Bronze: Bale Breaker Brewing Company - Daybreak Pale Ale


Juicy or Hazy Pale Ales:

Gold: Hellbent Brewing Company - Seattle Sunshine Hazy Pale Ale

Silver: YaYa Brewing Company - Fluffy Puffy Sunshine

Bronze: The Good Society Brewery & Public House - Tiny Pinto Eyes


American-Style Strong Pale Ales:

Gold: Formula Brewing - Formula 14

Silver: Ram Restaurant & Brewery - Big Red's IPA

Bronze: Grains Of Wrath Brewing - Built For Speed IPA


Juicy or Hazy Strong Pale Ales:

Gold: Wander Brewing - Galaxy Single EyePA

Silver: Reuben's Brews - Reuben's Crush

Bronze: Logan Brewing Company - Green Hill Zone


American Amber Ales:

Gold: Western Red Brewing - Mainline Red

Silver: Wet Coast Brewing Co. - Hi Jack! Red Ale

Bronze: Kulshan Brewing Co. - Sunnyland - Local Amber


Strong American Amber Ales:

Gold: Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery - Imperial Rye Ale

Silver: Ice Harbor Brewing Co. - Mastodon Imperial Red IPA

Bronze: Cloudburst Brewing - Say Hi To Your Dad For Me


American-Style Brown & Black Ales:

Gold: Grains Of Wrath Brewing - Falling Up IPA

Silver: Brothers Cascadia Brewing - Clay's Brown Ale

Bronze: Wet Coast Brewing Co. - Scofflaw CDA


American-Style India Pale Ales:

Gold: Victor 23 Craft Brewery - Imitator

Silver: Stoup Brewing - Please & Thank You IPA

Bronze: Hellbent Brewing Company - Melon Bong


West Coast-Style India Pale Ales:

Gold: Bale Breaker Brewing Company - Skyward IPA

Silver: Trap Door Brewing - Trap Door IPA

Bronze: Varietal Beer Company - Motile Isles IPA


Juicy or Hazy India Pale Ales:

Gold: Icicle Brewing Company - Enchantments Hazy IPA

Silver: Single Hill Brewing Company - Not My Monkeys

Bronze: Half Lion Brewing Company - Wildfire Haze Hazy IPA


Imperial or Double India Pale Ales:

Gold: Kulshan Brewing Co. - Sunnyland - Bull Of The Woods

Silver: North Jetty Brewing - Rip Current Imperial Cold IPA

Bronze: Grains Of Wrath Brewing - $10 Exorcism


Juicy or Hazy Imperial or Double India Pale Ales:

Gold: Icicle Brewing Company - Magic Meadow

Silver: Trap Door Brewing - Juiced Up

Bronze: RAVENNA BREWING CO - Neon Supernova


Belgian-Style Witbiers:

Gold: Victor 23 Craft Brewery - Cockpit Wit

Silver: Reuben's Brews - White River Wheat

Bronze: Savage Brewing Company - Blood Orange Witier


Belgian & Belgian Inspired Ales:

Gold: Elliott Bay Brewing Lake City Way - Sour Gold

Silver: Echoes Brewing Company  - The Golden Blonde

Bronze: Elliott Bay Brewing Lake City Way - Ambrosia Kriek


Belgian Strong & Abbey Ales:

Gold: Figurehead Brewing Company - Black Ball Dubbel

Silver: Elysian Brewing - Bete Blanche

Bronze: The Pike Brewing Company - Monk's Uncle


Belgian & French Farmhouse Ales:

Gold: Burke-Gilman Brewing Company - Sakura

Silver: Ladd & Lass Brewing - Lenticular Clouds

Bronze: Resonate Brewery – Shimmer


Chili Pepper Beers:

Gold: Icicle Brewing Company - Cot In The Heat

Silver: Stemma Brewing Company - Conditus Lager

Bronze: YaYa Brewing Company - Down The Hatch


Brett Beers:

Gold: Dwinell Country Ales - Fuzzword

Silver: Heathen Brewing - Apricot Fixation

Bronze: Dwinell Country Ales - Summer Blush


Berliner-Style Weisses:

Gold: Aslan Brewing Co. - Disco Lemonade

Silver: Terramar Brewstillery  - Shuksan Sour

Bronze: Volition Brewing - Strange News From Another Star



Gold: Terramar Brewstillery  - Octopus Garden Gose

Silver: Snapshot Brewing - Hummingbird Gose

Bronze: Reuben's Brews - The Taproom - Key Lime Gose


American-Style Sour Ales:

Gold: Beach Cat Brewing - Sourpuss Blackberry Sour

Silver: RAVENNA BREWING CO - Gemstone Forager

Bronze: Single Hill Brewing Company - Beach Cowboy


Belgian Sour and Wild Ales:

Gold: Elliott Bay Brewing Lake City Way - De Rode Duivels

Silver: Dwinell Country Ales - Second Sight

Bronze: Bainbridge Brewing - 2022 Viognier Sour Blonde


American-Style Fruit Beers:

Gold: Vice Beer - Cut My Lime Into Pieces

Silver: Triceratops Brewing Co - Bohemian Rhaspberry Golden Ale

Bronze: Logan Brewing Company – Sundelion


Fruit Wheat Beers:

Gold: North Jetty Brewing - Another F**ing Raspberry Hef

Silver: Dystopian State Brewing Co. - Raspberry Radius

Bronze: Icicle Brewing Company - Colchuck Raspberry Wheat


Spiced, Field & Herb Beers:

Gold: Lowercase Brewing - Stillwater Collab Sage Keller Door

Silver: Lucky Envelope Brewing - Chai-Spiced Double Happiness Imperial Stout

Bronze: Elliott Bay Brewing Lake City Way - Organic Mashing Pumpkin


Pastry Stouts, Coffee & Chocolate Beers:

Gold: Georgetown Brewing Co - Gusto Creme

Silver: Scamp Brewing Co - Exile In Sibeeria - Mocha Almond

Bronze: Triceratops Brewing Co - Revmo Caramel Coffee Stout


Smoke Beers:

Gold: Four Generals Brewing - Rauch Helles

Silver: 210 Brewing Co. - Prime Porter

Bronze: Black Fleet Brewing - Fire Ship Smoked Red Ale


Specialty & Historical Beers:

Gold: Rooftop Brewing Company - Hoppin Honey

Silver: Timber City Ginger Beer - Non-Alcoholic Fruited Ginger Beer

Bronze: Timber City Ginger Beer - Fruited South Sound Pounder


Session Beers:

Gold: Halcyon Brewing - Only Good Vibes


Bronze: Ladd & Lass Brewing – Daisy


Experimental Beers:

Gold: The Good Society Brewery & Public House - Rice Rice Baby!

Silver: Bizarre Brewing - Ghost Bird Sings

Bronze: Ladd & Lass Brewing - Pineapple Escapade


Experimental India Pale Ales:

Gold: Boundary Bay Brewing Co. - Sticky Trees

Silver: Elysian Brewing - Capitol Hill - Dank Dust

Bronze: Humble Abode Brewing - IPA N' Chill


Wood & Barrel Aged Imperial Stouts:

Gold: Skookum Brewery - Solitary Confinement

Silver: Fortside Brewing Co. - 2022 Bourbon Barrel Aged Night King

Bronze: Wander Brewing – Earlybird


Other Wood & Barrel Aged Beers:

Gold: Fremont Brewing Company - 2022 BBOMB

Silver: Fremont Brewing Company - Brew 7000

Bronze: RAVENNA BREWING CO - Lion Tamer


Wood & Barrel Aged Sour Beers:

Gold: Wander Brewing - Plum Bob

Silver: Single Hill Brewing Company - Tempest

Bronze: North Fork Brewery - Vern's Peach Tea



Gold: Figurehead Brewing Company - Wonder Woman Wheatwine – homebrewer Laura Meyer


Collaboration Beers:

Gold: Formula Brewing & Halcyon Brewing - Many Little Steps

Silver: Heathen Brewing & Brothers Cascadia Brewing - Marzen Invaders

Bronze: Old Stove Brewing- Post Alley & Varietal Beer Company - Walk, Don't Run



Very Small Brewery of the Year (Sponsored by the Country Malt Group): Audacity Brewing

Small Brewery of the Year (Sponsored by Crosby Hops): Victor 23 Craft Brewery

Mid-Sized Brewery of the Year (Sponsored by Yakima Chief Hops): Grains of Wrath Brewing

Large Brewery of the Year (Sponsored by Briess Malt and Ingredients): Icicle Brewing Company