Entry Drop Off

Entries need to be delivered between August 12th, 2022 and August 26th, 2022.  Please note that the Eastern Washington drop location is limited to the time window specified below (see below).


Primary Drop Location (August 12th - August 26th):

Elysian - Georgetown (do not drop off at other Elysian locations)
5510 Airport Way, S.
Seattle, WA 98108


Come in the South side of the building (side with the silos).  Dockside deliveries from 7am-3pm.  Please make every effort to deliver during the 7-3 window. (after 3, please call the number above.)

All entries must be boxed in stackable cases (24x12 oz cases or 12x22 oz cases) and ensure boxes are clearly marked for the Washington Beer Awards.


Back-Up Drop Location (August 12th - August 26th):

Airways Brewing Company, Tap Room and Brewery Location
8611 S 212th St
Kent, WA 98031


Wednesday-Thursday: 3pm-8pm
Friday: 3pm-9pm
Saturday: 2pm-7pm

Please ensure boxes are marked for the Washington Beer Awards - drop off with server at the bar (also note, this is NOT THE BISTRO LOCATION)


Back-Up Drop Location - Eastern Washington (August 22nd):

Odom Warehouse - Spokane
5810 W Thorpe Rd
Spokane, WA 99224

Monday, August 22nd, 9 am - noon

Drive up to the gate on the East side of the facility and it will open automatically. Then drive up the ramp on the left where someone will be able to help them unload their entries. Please make sure boxes come in stackable cases (24x12 oz cases or 12x22 oz cases) and ensure boxes are clearly marked for the Washington Beer Awards


Mailing Location (entries must arrive by August 26th):

For mailed entries, please send to:

35826 11th Ave SW
Federal Way, WA 98023

Ensure the shipped bottles are well packaged. If packing peanuts are used, please enclose them in a plastic bag before adding them to the package. For bubble wrap, please use scotch tape (not packing tape) to hold the bubble wrap around the bottle.  Note, we strongly recommend not putting "Washington Beer Awards" on the "to" address - use "WABA" or "Specialty Competitions" if they insist on more details.